Best Practice for SaaS Marketing – Positive User Onboarding Experience

Best Practice for SaaS Marketing - Positive User Onboarding Experience

In SaaS, customer onboarding is a process to introduce prospects to your software. You have to show them how the features work. The onboarding process is a holistic journey that prospective embark on from the moment they purchase your product until they become contracted and regular customers. It is a process that gets customers acclimatized with your software and increases the chances of customer retention.

On SaaS Heaven, you can read about how to offer a positive SaaS marketing onboarding experience to successfully retain the customer for a lifetime. You will need a potent plan to retain customers or the subscription can collapse because of churn. So, make them realize product value quickly and attain digital adoption with ease to reduce churn!

User onboarding is crucial because it helps new customers master the software more quickly than they can as a DIY project. Experts can educate them about how the product they purchased works rather than leaving them to work on their own. It enhances customer satisfaction, thus preventing churn. Customers don’t need to waste their time finding how the product works. They can directly concentrate on their goals using the product.

Give the best onboarding experience

The transition from novices to habitual product users is the aim of the onboarding process. Empower the prospective to move smoothly across your tech solution with sufficient support to reach their goals. Ensure to blend several elements to keep customers engaged. Consistently offer them reasons to use your product and enhance their business as expected.

Best user onboarding practices

Create a positive onboarding flow experience right from the start to retain customers.

Identify the platform’s critical action features

You need to identify where onboarding flows break. It means to find where the customers will hit a wall, so it can be fixed. Ensure to detect customers’ Wow moments, when they realize how valuable your product is. The Wow moments are a kick start to motivate in using your products. It sets the tone for the remaining customer journey.

Prepare welcome series

After signup, a welcome is expected by the customer. Set an array of welcome emails that establishes the start of the customer’s onboarding journey. It even offers a chance to guide them through specific features as well as remind them to log on to your platform.

Welcome models are designed to grab customers’ attention and interest in your product.

Choose onboarding model

Choose an onboarding model to drive customers on a journey to see the product value. There are several models including self-service, low touch, and high touch onboarding models to consider.

Measure, reiterate, & improve

Create a solid onboarding strategy based on quantitative and qualitative data. Continuously optimizing the onboarding flow is crucial to detect improvement opportunities. Analytics help to identify whether the churn rate is decreasing or increasing.

Upgrade and evolve the onboarding flows to enhance your customer base. Even loyal customers don’t know how certain features can help to maximize their experience using your product. So, remember customer onboarding is a long journey and not a destination!