Online blackjack strategy charts – Learn to play perfect blackjack

Online blackjack strategy charts - Learn to play perfect blackjack

The world’s most popular casino game is blackjack. Online casinos have made it easier than ever to play blackjack from home. While luck plays a role, having the right blackjack strategy dramatically increases your odds and helps you play perfect blackjack. 

Why use a blackjack strategy chart?

Skilled blackjack players don’t play randomly. They use blackjack basic strategy – a mathematically calculated approach that shows the optimal play for every situation. The basic strategy considers all the cards in the deck and the dealer’s rules to determine the play with the best mathematical probability of winning. By memorizing and using basic strategy charts, you’ll dramatically decrease the house edge and play nearly perfect blackjack.

Blackjack hand chart

The blackjack hand chart shows the optimal plays for each possible hand value. Hands are listed vertically by hard totals (no aces) and soft totals (aces). The dealer’s upcard runs horizontally along the top. The cells indicate the best decision – H for hit, S for stand, Ds for double (if allowed), and Ss for split (if allowed). 

  • Hard 12 vs Dealer’s 4 – The chart says to stand (S).
  • Hard 13 vs Dealer’s 2 – The chart says to hit (H).  
  • Soft 18 vs Dealer’s 9 – The chart says to double down (Ds).
  • Soft 19 vs Dealer’s 6 – The chart says to stand (S).
  • A pair of 8s vs Dealer’s 7 – The chart says to split (Ss).

Memorize this chart and be sure to check it for the proper play whenever you have a decision to make. Using it consistently prevents you from making costly mistakes.

Blackjack Pairs Chart

When you’re dealt a pair in blackjack, you have the option to split the cards into two separate hands and double your rand online casino bet. Whether or not splitting is the optimal play depends on your pair and the dealer’s upcard. 

  • Pair of 2s vs Dealer’s 7 – Split
  • Pair of 6s vs Dealer’s 5 – Split 
  • Pair of Qs vs Dealer’s K – Don’t split
  • Pair of As vs Dealer’s 8 – Split

Splitting is profitable when the two new hands you are dealt are likely to beat the dealer’s hand. Be sure to take splits when the chart advises, but otherwise, keep pairs together.

Blackjack doubling down chart

Doubling down allows you to double your bet after receiving your first two cards in exchange for only taking one more card. It’s a powerful move when used judiciously. 

  • Hard 9 vs Dealer’s 3 – Double down
  • Hard 10 vs Dealer’s 10 – Double down  
  • Soft 18 vs Dealer’s 2 – Don’t double down
  • Soft 19 vs Dealer’s 6 – Double down

Doubling amplifies both wins and losses. Only double when the chart advises to maximize your edge.