Motor Yacht Rental Prices in Tenerife

Motor Yacht Rental Prices in Tenerife

Standard entertainment options like dining in a restaurant or relaxing in the forest have become tiresome for many people, which is why they seek something unusual and new. Spending time on the water is a suitable option to enliven the senses and create lasting memories. This is why motor yacht rentals in Tenerife have been popular for many years, offering a range of models and prices to clients. The main advantage for potential customers is the affordable rental cost.

Statistics show that boat rental companies often offer motor yachts with a capacity of around 10 people. This is an ideal option for those who want to enjoy a luxurious experience at a reasonable price. The primary advantages include:

  • A motor yacht is powered by a robust diesel engine, making it fast and comfortable. Diesel is also more economical, and users receive a yacht with a full fuel tank when renting.
  • Prices for services are affordable, and customers can rent a yacht for a specific number of hours or order additional services. The price depends on the comfort and capacity of the vessel, and websites provide prices and basic information about the boat.

Note that motor yachts may be offered with a single engine or a main engine and an additional one. Safety is a priority on these vessels, and companies maintain the condition and comfort of their motor yachts.

How are Rental Prices Calculated?

Current rental companies compete with one another, so they offer affordable rental prices and favorable conditions for clients. Before ordering, understand that the service is primarily available during warm weather, as it’s difficult to enjoy this type of relaxation during colder months. Almost every company specifies a fixed rental price, which is the cost per hour, including a motor yacht with a full fuel tank and a skipper.

The price may also be based on an “all-inclusive” rate, offering clients additional services such as a wait staff, food preparation, and event organization if needed. This information is provided before booking.

As for the booking process, you should decide on a yacht and the exact date several days or a week in advance. To guarantee your commitment, you may need to make a prepayment, which varies from 20% to 50% depending on the company’s terms.

If you are renting a motor yacht for several days and embarking on a journey, choose a yacht with cabins for the expected number of guests. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the availability of food and water, but companies can usually handle these concerns for you.