Learn About the Different Kinds of Bets in a Basketball Match

Learn About the Different Kinds of Bets in a Basketball Match

Throughout the year, a lot of basketball championships are organized. This implies that there is no dearth of the kinds of basketball bets. Bettors can tie a basketball game and then choose the way in which they want to place a bet.

In this article, we will tell you a list of common kinds of basketball bets that any bettor can place on a basketball match.

Point Spreads

Where the money line is the commonest type of bet, in case of a basketball game it is point spread. Here, both sides are allowed to betting at -110. The discrepancy between the teams is made using a point’s handicap. If a bettor chooses Team A – 5.5, then Team A should win by a minimum of 6 points for the bet to win.

On the other hand, if a bettor chooses Team B, then the bet wins when Team B loses or wins outright by 5 or fewer points. Betting on a basketball point spreads provides preferred bettor an opportunity to bet their team, and offer a chance to the loser bettors to bet the team with a few more points as “insurance”.

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In Under/Over bets, a bookmaker can specify the total number of points that will be scored by both the participating teams in a match. The bettors can bet on the possibility of the actual number of points earned to be below or above the specified total.

This implies that if the specified total is 185, then bettors are betting on the possibility of the total score of participating teams to be above 185 or below 185. Overtime is taken into account in the total. So, the matches that go to “overtime” generally go OVER.

Money Lines

Bettors that do not wish to bet their chosen team on the “point spread”, have a chance to bet them on the “money line”. Under this type, the discrepancy between both the participating teams is shown in the price of the teams.

Favorite bettors who are assured that their chosen team will win but do not wish to give up their points on the “point spread” can give a little more chalk on the “money line”.  On the other hand, loser bettors who have a firm assurance that their selected team will win can obtain a better price than if they had taken the points.


This type of bet occurs when a bettor chooses 2 or more sides in a basketball match. All the chosen sides have to win in order to become a winner. The more sides or legs brought by a bettor, it will result in a better payout when all of the legs win. This is parlays bet.


So, these are the different basketball bets that you can play in a match.