Know About the Face Sculpting and V line Face Lift

Know About the Face Sculpting and V line Face Lift

Everyone loves to have a V-shaped face or a V-line face because it gives you a youthful and sculpted look. It makes the face smaller and enhances your facial features. It is sought after mainly for its femininity, defined look, and attractive appearance. Once it was popular in Asia, but now you can have a V-line facelift anywhere around the world.

The attractive thing is that you needn’t go for any complicated surgery to get this defined look. There are non-surgical alternatives like Botox, fillers, non-invasive hifu 效果, and other natural remedies to achieve this desirable look.

HIFU Treatment

Unlike other treatments like laser or radio frequency, HIFU is a non-invasive procedure. It doesn’t need any cutting, or it won’t disturb your skin surface. It targets the deep foundation of your skin and boosts collagen production.

With the help of HIFU, you can get smoother skin, a better definition of the jawline, and lift your eyebrows, eyelids, neck, and upper chest.

No-Needle Thread Lift

If you want the same effect with no pain or downtime, 無針埋線 is there for you. In this needle-free thread treatment, absorbable mechanical threads are injected into the layer of your skin to reposition and tighten the sagging skin. Your body absorbs these threads over time. It increases the production of collagen, and elastin, and helps you attain a youthful look.

This procedure takes around 80 minutes, and no incisions are made. you can expect a recovery within two or three days. Without causing you any discomfort, the procedure will be done. Once the treatment is done, the threads are set in the deep layer of your skin and they start attracting collagen and making it tighter and firmer.

Over time, the wrinkles and fine lines are smoothened, and the results of this treatment will be there for approximately a year.

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Why Do You Go For V Lift?

If you are having puffy cheeks, a double chin, or a wider upper neck, you will want to reduce the width of your face and get a defined shape. Depending on the procedure you choose, the treatment may take anywhere around 30 to 80 minutes. With the help of local anesthesia or numbing cream, the procedure is done that causes minimal discomfort.


Here are a few aftercare tips.

  • Ice the treated area.
  • Take plenty of rest.
  • Avoid heavy lifting.
  • Avoid applying makeup.
  • Have soft foods and lots of liquid foods.
  • Avoid chewy items.
  • Sleep on your back.

It is normal to face some slight discomfort during the first two days. Your doctor will advise you on the aftercare depending on your skin condition and the treatment received. You may see the result of your treatment immediately or within a couple of months depending on the procedure you choose.