Is it necessary to hire an injury lawyer in New Hampshire?

Is it necessary to hire an injury lawyer in New Hampshire?

Whether you were injured in a traffic mishap or a slip & fall accident, you should know your rights and must take steps to recover compensation from the at-fault party. Unfortunately, such accidents involving personal injuries and property damage are not rare in New Hampshire. Victims often find themselves handling many things at once, especially when they should focus on getting better. As someone who has a potential personal injury claim, you are possibly wondering whether you should engage an attorney. Hiring an injury lawyer in New Hampshire is absolutely easy, and this could be the most relevant aspect of your case. Here’s why legal representation matters.

New Hampshire’s fault rule

While New Hampshire is a fault state for mishaps like car accidents, you can only recover a settlement in certain circumstances. This is a 51%-rule state, which means it follows the modified comparative fault norm. If you are also responsible for a mishap, you can only recover a settlement as long as you don’t have a higher fault share. Also, your compensation will be adjusted as per your proportion of fault.

Hiring a lawyer is particularly important if you think you have a share in the fault. Don’t expect anything positive from the other party, and you need someone who can defend your side and protect your interests.

Experience counts

If you have never filed an injury lawsuit or an insurance claim, you probably don’t know the extent of work you need to do. Make sure you hire a lawyer because they know how things work in New Hampshire and can offer their insights on all relevant matters. They will also ensure that you don’t make common mistakes that can impact your settlement.

Don’t deal with the insurance claim alone

Insurance companies are infamous for their ways and means to avoid paying for claims, and if you decide to negotiate with the claims adjuster alone, you may end up with a much lower amount. With an attorney on your side, you don’t have to be responsible for communicating with the insurance company alone. The lawyer will ensure that the claims adjuster doesn’t pressure you for a statement or get words out of your mouth to use against you.

Most law firms don’t charge a fee until you win, which is an excellent reason to seek legal help on your injury claim. Call a lawyer soon after the mishap.

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