Introduction of Motorized Curtains:

Introduction of Motorized Curtains:

Motorized Curtains are a fun, practical and clever way to create color, contrast, drama and more in your home. The motorized curtain is a new and interesting way to open your curtains. With simple push-button controls, you can operate the curtain using your computer or mobile app, allowing you to make changes and test it out on the spot. Available in a variety of colors and styles, motorized curtains are easy to set up with automatic opening and closing technology allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your new dual motor curtains  without effort. Motorized curtains are capable of moving and closing their own fully automatically.

They are designed to pair well with LED and LED TV lights. We are here to bring the luxurious and elegant feel of curtains to you. Our Motorized Curtains offers you a fresh feeling to have one less worry in your day when it comes to curtain maintenance. The motorized curtains feature the ability to glide elegantly across from side to side, as well as smoothly up and down. The motorized curtains are super quiet and simple, but ultra-powerful at the same time. They also save you tons of hassle by auto-lowering when it reaches the bottom of its range & rise when it reaches its top and didn’t get hot enough.

Installing Procedure of Motorized Curtains:

Motorized curtains are simply a more elaborate version of regular curtains. These come with a motor that moves the curtain, which allows you to control the light and air flow throughout your space. The motorized curtain comes with wheels that allow the curtains to roll up and down. The device needs to be mounted on top of a wall or doorway. The motorized curtains are also extremely quiet so there is no disturbance for your neighbors or family members when the sun goes down.

Open the box, unpack the curtain and remove the plastic bag. Remove any extra paper wrap. Follow the installation guide to apply Velcro to the desired parts of your structure. The first step to installing your motorized curtains is planning out their placement. Decide where you would like the motorized curtain panels to be located, and whether you’re going to install them to the wall or on a rail. Note that some motors operate at slower speeds than others and vice versa.

Working of Motorized Curtains:

Motorized curtains allow one to adjust the curtain automatically, keeping it at the desired position while closing or opening the curtains. The motorized curtain is a great addition to any space. With a touch of a button, you can control it from across the room, or completely close them off. Stop wasting money on curtains that need to be washed, ironed and ironing boards when you can just have the curtains automatically retract. We have motorized curtains that can be set to open or close as well as motorized blinds. Motorized curtains are used in offices, restaurants as well as shopping malls. These curtains open automatically when the sunlight activates the light sensor. Motorized curtains have a powerful motor that drives the curtain into shape when it detects light rays. The lights are electrified so that these curtains can be switched on and off by pressing an automated switch on the wall.