How to Start a New Comedy Club in 2022

How to Start a New Comedy Club in 2022

Comedy clubs are one of the best ways to keep people entertained and make some good money off of it in the meanwhile.  Whether you’re a comedian and you want to start a club around your passion, or you’re a big fan and want to give them a venue, this is an awesome way to grow the community.

The Location

Your location is the most important part of your club.  If you have a terrible location that nobody can get to, it’s going to throw a wrench in the plan and make it so that nobody wants to drive out and sit for a set.  Pick a location that’s close to other bars or restaurants, allows you to advertise what your club is out front, and is easy to reach if someone’s ordering a car to pick them up or drop them off.  This will save you from having to worry about drunk drivers since cabs and Ubers will be available. 

The Comedians

There’s no comedy club without some fantastic comedians to leave everyone in stitches.  When you’re planning your club, try to find a great set of people who know what they’re doing and are willing to become regular club performers.  Be careful not to poach them off of any other comedy clubs since this could end up hurting your business in the long run. 

Talk with them about how much they want to get paid, how often they’ll perform, what’s expected of them: and what they expect of you and your club.  When you hire a comedian, it’s vital that you’re clear on expectations on both sides.

The Food and Drink

If you’re planning on selling food and drinks at the club, you’re going to need specific licenses for this.  This is especially true if any of the drinks are alcoholic.  Unfortunately, most clubs are assumed to have at least the basics, so you may have to double operate as a bar.  Look into your local laws for what’s expected of you, what licenses you need, and how you can make this work legally. 

The Audience

Who do you expect to come to your club?  Is there already a group of comedy fans in your area that you know, or are you hoping to find an untapped market?  It’s vital to put some feelers out there to see how interested people would be in something like this and how much time and work you need to put in to make it worthwhile.  Although you may not have a tangible audience yet, building one through social media and word of mouth can be a powerful boost to your advertising campaign.

The Pricing

Pricing refers to a lot of things in this list, so it’s a good idea to think it through carefully.  How much are you planning to pay the comedians?  How much do you want to charge for cover, or how many drinks are required for someone to be able to stay through a show.  Beyond this, do you plan on doing any live mic nights where locals can come in and say some jokes, and if so: how much will you charge for cover?  There’s a lot of pricing to figure out once you get serious about this.

You Can Make a Club Out of Anything

Any restaurant or bar could be a comedy club with a little reworking.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and make your own soon!