How Can Title IX Investigation Affect Your Career?

How Can Title IX Investigation Affect Your Career?

Title IX act aims to prohibit discrimination based on gender bias and prevent cases of sexual harassment and misconduct on school grounds. The school’s legal responsibility is to conduct a fair and thorough investigation against the accused as soon as the complaint is registered. The school is responsible for the investigation as well as the prevention of future cases. 

Failure to do so may result in losing federal and state funding for the school. Schools take these investigations very seriously. These accusations can severely affect your career. However, a lot of times, students get falsely accused of sexual misconduct. Consulting Lento Law Firm can help you seek justice as well as legal guidance regarding your case. If someone is being falsely accused and investigated for sexual misconduct, the person is at risk of the following things:

  • Suspension from school

The schools are legally bound to take action against the accused student. A complaint of sexual misconduct may lead you to a temporary suspension from school without even hearing your side.

  • Permanent expulsion from school

Often, schools are prompted to take severe and harsh actions against the accused student. They often expel students accused of harassment even before the result of criminal proceedings.

  • Loss of scholarships

A title X investigation can lead you to a potential loss of scholarship. The school can stop your funding in the middle of your degree if you are charged with sexual harassment.

  • Disciplinary probation

The penalties for sexual misconduct also involve follow-up probation for a designated period.

  • Degree withholding

The school also has the right to revoke or withhold your degree. This can cause problems for you with regards to graduating on time or even graduating at all.

  • Tainted reputation

A sexual misconduct charge can severely impact your reputation. It is a life-altering accusation as it leads to losing support and respect from your friends and family. This taints your reputation for years to come and causes problems in all aspects of your life. A false charge can traumatize an individual badly.

Therefore, it is recommended to consult a defense attorney to prevent this from happening. They are professionals who are well prepared to protect your interests and hold the power to save you from the potential damage of a false allegation. They give the best advice regarding the case and prevent you from doing something that could ruin your case.

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