High roller casino etiquette- Unspoken rules and expectations

High roller casino etiquette- Unspoken rules and expectations

As a high roller, you enjoy special status and treatment at casinos. However, certain unwritten rules and codes of conduct are expected from elite players. Understanding proper casino etiquette helps ensure you receive the respect you deserve and continue accessing VIP services.

Dress sharp

While most casinos don’t have formal dress codes anymore, high rollers should still dress to impress. For men, opt for well-tailored suits, sports jackets, or dress slacks paired with nice shirts. Women should wear stylish cocktail dresses, pantsuits, or elegant skirt and blouse combinations. Dressing elegantly reflects your refined taste and VIP status. As recognized best high roller casinos, you’ll enjoy exceptional service from beverage servers, hosts, and casino staff. Express your gratitude through generous tipping. Tip at least 20% or more for drink service. Slip the pit boss or table dealer tips when on winning streaks. Show hosts your appreciation with gifts. Generous gratuities cement your VIP service.

Keep conversation light

Avoid oversharing or heavy conversation with other players or staff. Keep table talk light and positive. Controversial topics like politics, religion, and personal issues are off-limits. You want to project an air of mystery befitting VIP royalty. Let your big play speak louder than words. Never openly criticize errors or play from other gamblers. If a player is struggling, be polite and provide gentle guidance upon request. Even new players may become big bettors someday, so treat everyone respectfully. A gracious demeanor complements your elite player status.

Accept comps discreetly

Being a valued patron means accepting lavish comps like meals, rooms, and tickets. But, avoid bragging or overtly celebrating these VIP freebies. Accept your comps discreetly with a humble “thank you” to hosts or staff. Quiet confidence befits a high roller more than arrogance. Win or lose, keep emotions in check to avoid scenes. Maintain a stoic demeanor when on losing streaks rather than cursing or shouting. Celebrate wins with class rather than an excessive fist pump or cheer. Getting too emotional, good or bad, clashes with high roller decorum.

Gamble and tip consistently

Your VIP perks depend on regularly gambling and tipping at high levels. Don’t be a “churn and burn” player who cashes out and disappears for long stretches. Maintain your status by visiting frequently, playing long sessions, and tipping every trip. Consistency ensures ongoing pampering. Since you’re wagering big money, promote responsible gambling by not glamorizing reckless betting. Don’t pressure others to bet above their means. Demonstrate you’re a composed high roller, not a degenerate gambler. Classy VIPs encourage smart play. It’s easy to mind your manners during winning streaks. But, true class means maintaining poise and etiquette even when losing big. Don’t let losses unravel your refinement. Be gracious to staff and respectful of other patrons, regardless of results. Your disposition should never waver. Proper casino manners coupled with your high stakes make you a valued guest.