Handling The Amazing Autoblow 2

Handling The Amazing Autoblow 2

The casing of the amazing Autoblow 2  sex toy is not that wide so you can use it with one hand. The outer shell has two comfortable grips on the side which makes it more manageable.

The toy is also lightweight meaning you will not get tired of holding it until you reach your climax while you are doing something else. This gives way to the ease of maneuvering if you want another angle from the opening of the sleeve. It is also handy when you are watching porn so you can control it while watching.

Maybe the limit in terms of handling the amazing Autoblow 2 sex toy is the length of the cord. You need to plug it in so you can use it and you have to stay near the plug.Although it can be charged, the battery still has its limitation so if you want it to go for as long as you want, you need to plug it in and make space near the socket.


There are three different speeds on the amazing Autoblow 2 sex toy and they offer the same pleasing result. You can control the speed during the session or set it before you put your penis in.

Changing the speed will give you more elements of surprise so that the experience will be more realistic just like when someone is giving you a handjob compared to your own which you have control over.

The experience when changing the speed is so great that you would want the sensation to last longer. The combination of the soft sleeve and the strokes are perfect.