GATE Difference Between Articles Make Syllabus Easier For Students- Here’s How

GATE Difference Between Articles Make Syllabus Easier For Students- Here's How


Millions of aspirants took a sigh of relief as the organizing community, IIT Kharagpur, released the official notification for GATE 2022 on 31 July this year. With a wave of COVID-19 pandemic suddenly hitting us all, examinations became pretty unpredictable. From delays to cancellation- students were exposed to a plethora of uncertainties. Thankfully, the healthcare department geared up. The vaccination has made students ready for the upcoming entrance exams- one of them being GATE. 

GATE or General Aptitude Test in Engineering is one of the most prestigious and difficult exams in India. Buckle up if you are preparing for this exam. As a learner, you might already have your syllabus in hand. If you are preparing for the exam, then you might also have heaps of doubts regarding a range of topics. 

Do you feel confused with the topics that sound similar? In such a case, the GATE Difference between Articles can definitely come handy. Read ahead to know how such articles help candidates with their study materials. 

A Few Examples of Some Concepts That Sound Confusing 

Similar types of topics and sub-topics may lead you to create major blunders. Here are a few examples where we can observe this: 

  • Difference Between TCP and UDP – Both of these are connection protocols. Out of these two, TCP is a connection-oriented one while the UDP is connectionless. A major difference between TCP and UDP is their speed. UDP is much faster than TCP. It has a much more effective protocol because it is simpler and faster. On the other hand, TCP allows retransmission of data packets (lost ones)- something that the UDP doesn’t offer. Another major difference between TCP and UDP is that UDP does not work on end-to-end communications. Conversely, TCP delivers data in the intended order to the server from the user (and vice versa). In fact, UDP also does not check a receiver’s readiness. 
  • Difference between SRAM and DRAM – Static RAM serves as the cache memory for the CPU, and Dynamic RAM serves as the standard memory for any recent/modern desktop computer. SRAM usually has a smaller size of storage. The storage capacity of DRAM is comparatively larger. 
  • Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning refers to a subset of artificial intelligence that allows machines to learn and improve automatically based on past data without the need for explicit programming. Artificial learning is a technology that provides machines with the ability to simulate human behavior. 
  • Difference Between C and C++ – C is a structural programming language that doesn’t provide any support for classes and objects. C++ is an object-oriented programming language, and it provides support for the concept of classes and objects. If you are in the field of tech and IT, then you must know the difference between C and C++

Just like the concepts mentioned above, there are many more topics that might sound similar but are actually different. As an aspirant, you need to clarify them to avoid any confusion. Thus, the difference between articles will help you in avoiding such confusion.  

Will the Syllabus get easier with GATE Difference Between Articles? 

All the science geeks paving their way into IT and technology are looking forward to attending this examination. In such cases, one must be very well-versed with the GATE syllabus and all the technicalities that tag along. If you try covering the fundamentals of every topic, you might get confused with some concepts that might sound similar. Clearing them ASAP will help you with gaining knowledge in your field. Let us discuss how the difference between articles make the syllabus easier: 

  • Clearing doubts and confusion regarding all the fundamental topics help in building a strong concept. 
  • Understanding various points of difference becomes very feasible. By understanding the differences among them all, it becomes very easy for any candidate to dive into similar kinds of topics. 
  • Covering a herculean syllabus of the GATE exam might be very difficult for any candidate. While it is difficult to crack the exam, the difference between articles will help the aspirants begin with their preparations. 
  • Two different yet similar topics may lead an aspirant into creating blunders in real life and also in the upcoming exams. Knowing what creates differences between them will help you be on the safer side of the spectrum. 
  • Some people in the technical field happen to use some of the common terms in a way that might be wrong. As a technical person, you must avoid any such mishaps by knowing the difference between the concerned concepts and subconcepts. 
  • Before you use a topic in practical terms, you must know and clarify all fundamentals of the concerned niche. When you discuss all the aspects of any given subject with your peers, you can easily avoid any confusion among them. 
  • You can cut the clutter and maintain a flow of your content when you know what concept you are dealing with- which can only happen when you are aware of the basic concepts. It is a prerequisite to personal and professional growth. 
  • The overall study materials will become very confusing with all the non-technical and technical content present in it. In such cases, the GATE difference between articles can be a quick and easy source revision. 

A Few More Points To Ponder 

Including the difference between articles, you must also consider the following things to prepare for your exams: 

  • GATE reference materials and notes from previous years. 
  • GATE mock tests for helping an individual revise and prepare for exams accordingly. 
  • GATE previous year’s question papers and sample papers for understanding the overall pattern of the exams. 
  • GATE textbooks and other materials help students understand the concepts and prepare for real-life implications. 
  • GATE syllabus for 2022 for students to understand the topics and concepts to learn from the study materials. 

If you are a GATE aspirant and you are preparing for the exams for session 2022, then you must understand all the basics and the technical concepts on the basis of the syllabus available for this session. If you want to revise your syllabus and enhance your preparations in the fastest possible way, then the full form and GATE difference between articles is a must-have. 

Also, do not forget to refer to the sources mentioned in the last part of this article. Learn to manage your available hours and prepare better for cracking GATE 2022. All the best for a better future ahead!