Fantasy Sports – A Guide to Play Responsibly 

Fantasy Sports - A Guide to Play Responsibly 

Fantasy sports as a virtual game has emerged to become one of the top-rated entertainment means in India in recent times. The country has always been home to a massive number of sports lovers, especially the game of cricket. With the transition from the cricket stadium to its digital version like the IPL fantasy league app, it has had minimal effect on its popularity. The option to play fantasy sports online of both free and cash contests along with exciting real money rewards has made many sports enthusiasts play IPL fantasy.

Fantasy sports websites provide a range of games to enjoy and earn too. But, the onus of knowing the game rules and playing responsibly lies on the user. However, many credible and authentic IPL fantasy sites also foster responsible gaming among their users. By means of their blog posts and articles, and with features for users to set daily cash limit, they are doing it all too. With these measures, fantasy websites ensure they do their best to educate the users to have fun and entertainment within the defined framework of responsibility.

With the rise in cash contest subscribers, there has been a rapid increase in the number of fantasy sports operators in the country signalling the need for a regulatory body that can safeguard the interests of the users and set a standard for the operators also. The Rummy Federation is the right step in that direction.

The Rummy Federation (TRF)

The major IPL fantasy league app or rummy operators in the country have come together to form The Rummy Federation (TRF). Aspiring to be the gold standard for self-regulation for an entertainment industry like fantasy sports. Now, known as TORF, it aims to:

  • Promote fantasy sports as a game of skill rather than a game of chance.
  • Prevent the players from cheating and build the online sports as a trustworthy game for genuine users.
  • Employ the individual learnings of the various fantasy sports operators in the industry.
  • Proactively implement state-of-the-art practices from the gaming industries of the western world.
  • Instil high standards concerning responsible gaming, advertising guidelines and software integrity.
  • TRF aspires to be an example for online businesses in the country.

Fantasy Cricket is Legal to Play

Not many games for that matter enjoy the legal status that cricket enjoys, especially in India. According to the Supreme Court ruling, fantasy sports are considered a game of skill, setting it aside from many other online games. Playing cricket on the IPL 

fantasy league app for cash is equally legal too.  With the expected growth rate pegged at 90% annually, retaining the rules of the game, TRF is focused on making fantasy sports more thrilling and skilful for cricket patrons. The body has regulatory checks in place to foster cricket as a game of skill rather than gambling.

Connect With The Users

The advent of fantasy sports portals led cricket to leapfrog into the digital arena a decade ago. The launch of fantasy apps by several renowned operators like Dream11 in India has been the primary reason for connecting millions of cricket fans from across the world. TRF aims to develop a framework for the government to adopt while making the game fair play for all users. The use of software tools ensures all the users get the same treatment without any bias. Besides, TRF plans to do audits of the portals to check for the implementation of the modernized tools on their platforms. Moreover, TRF aims to enforce rules that are “pro-user,” preventing them from cheating.

Now, let us take note of important measures that fantasy sports operators take to foster responsible gaming.

1. Above 18 Years Old Players Only

Genuine IPL fantasy league apps have stringent rules in place both for how to play fantasy sports and who can play games on their sites. The users who are 18 years and above are only eligible to register on these sites and play the games. If any user is found indulging in fraudulent practice of using false age for registration, then such consumers will be immediately removed from the site. Also, they prohibit users below 18 years of age from playing contests too.

2. Multiple Accounts Not Allowed

Even before you start playing, get yourself acquainted with how to play IPL fantasy games and how many accounts you can have on a particular fantasy site. As a policy, most of the reputed fantasy sites have ‘one user one account’ rule in order to have fair gaming on their sites. If a user holds more than one account, then fantasy sites will ensure they terminate the accounts of such consumers.

3. Round The Clock Monitoring

Fantasy cricket or sports sites have efficient algorithms in place to keep a tab on the rules followed by the users and monitor the gameplay followed by them. There is 24×7 monitoring to check for any kind of fraudulent and unfair practices or gameplay. If any such activities are detected, then immediately necessary actions are taken against such users.

4. Set Limits For Cash Deposits

Fantasy sports are interesting with contests. But some users tend to yield to their obsession with online games and go about making cash deposits recklessly and only harming themselves through the process. So, fantasy apps offer a feature where users can set limits for cash deposits made for playing contests. In this way, they help the users curb their urges and foster responsible playing in them.

5. User’s Information Intact

As the user shows a keen interest in learning how to fantasy sports, he/ she should also know the safety and security features provided by the platform. When a user register with the fantasy sites and start playing the contests, they are expected to share certain sensitive information related to their personal and bank details. This is in order to facilitate online transactions like cash deposits and withdrawals in case of any wins. Genuine fantasy platforms ensure they protect user information and provide the utmost security to all the online transactions that take place.


Fantasy sports are legal to play in India. Know the rules well and follow fair gaming practices to be successful in the game. The future ahead for fantasy sports is in safe hands. As the subscriber base is increasing, the adoption of the industry’s best practices along with vigilance from a regulatory body will transform the industry into a credible and safe entertainment platform.