Everything You Should Know About Hook Up Guru

Everything You Should Know About Hook Up Guru

We can all agree that hooking up and casual sex is old as humanity. At the same time, it features a stigma due to numerous reasons such as religion, beliefs, and social norms. 

That is why hooking up caused exhaustion, massive drama, and emotional breakdowns to some people. You should check out more about the hookupguru website, which will help you determine the best course of action. 

The worst thing you can do is freak out due to casual sex to help you explore and understand your sexuality. 

We wish to talk about tips that will help you hook up with ease in the further article. 


  • Always Be Straightforward


The most crucial consideration for casual sex is, to be honest about everything you should expect. For instance, you may wish to mess around with someone or go to date to determine the best course of action. 

At the same time, you should find out the best ways to mess around with someone. Therefore, you should have a conversation about everything you wish to get and give before you take clothes off, which will reduce the potential issues and panic afterward. 

Sometimes hookups can lead to feelings, which is a regular thing. It does not matter whether you had a few hookups or the first one because you constantly risk handling emotions. If it happens, you should talk with the person you are. 

That way, you can figure out the best course of action. The worst thing you can do is a scheme to enter a relationship because being manipulative can lead to severe problems between you two.


  • Levels of Secrecy


While having a partner for regular, casual sex, things can quickly become blurry, and you may enter the loop that may seem like a relationship. 

If you wish to avoid hurt feelings and broken hearts, you should discuss whether you want to become a real pair or avoid each other while in public.

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It would be best to determine whether it should be exclusive or not, which is another crucial consideration to remember. The primary debate is whether you will have other partners for casual sex or just each other, which depends on the person you are.

Hookups are different because some partners wish to be one and only, depending on your preferences. Still, you must understand that being in an exclusive hookup relationship is the first step towards the serious thing.


  • Set Rules


Hookup comes with flexibility, which is an important consideration to remember. Therefore, you must create rules, which should not be strict, but you should follow them.

Besides, it would be best if you let your partner understand each step along the way. For instance, you do not have to be angry if someone decides to avoid you because hookup is not about emotions but physical pleasure and enjoyment.

If you are not into spending time together, you should be direct as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are losing touch with this situation, you should avoid feeling embarrassed throughout the way.

At the same time, faking being into someone can ruin confidence on both sides. Therefore, you should let them go if that reaches its point. 


  • Be Direct About Potential Awkwardness


If something awkward or problematic happens, you should talk about it. Through conversation, you can say everything you enjoy and prefer, which will help both sides avoid red flags.

It does not matter whether your partner is hooking with someone else or doing something you may not enjoy because you should avoid laughing and letting everything go. 

You should be direct about awkwardness and prevent potential situations from repeating in the future.

At the same time, if you are not into something, you should be direct as well. Do not play along and pretend you are into it, especially when it comes to casual sex. 

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Since you will be in an open hookup situation, you should get what you want, providing you enjoyment and peace of mind.

Finally, it would help determine whether you wish to meet each other weekly or choose a specific date or day. The main idea is to decide whether or not you want to get regular hookups, which may have feelings.