Do you want to know About Tahitian Pearls?

Do you want to know About Tahitian Pearls?

Tahitians pearls were collected by the natives which were obtained from black-lipped pearl mollusk, called Pinctada margaritifera, since many generations before English and Spanish involvement.

Few of these natural pearls reached almost the size of grapes. However, after many decades, people from rest of world also started enjoying their beauty.

Initial Tahitian pearl cultivation

Kokichi Mikimoto, a Japanese in 1912, could successfully culture Akoya pearls, tried to cultivate pearls within black-lipped mollusk in various seas in south of Japan. His efforts however, failed until in 1961, attempt was made in French Polynesia.

Jean-Marie Domard used the subspecies of Pinctada margaritifera cumingii, in his farm and first time harvested the cultured Tahitian pearls after four years.

Tahitian pearl production growth

Salvador Assael in 1970 visited Tahiti and after recognizing potential about these gems for pearl jewelry, he invested in country’s pearl farms to start production of Tahitian pearl. Later he also introduced these cultured Tahitian pearls in the United States.

These pearls became very popular after GIA certified about their authenticity. All famous jewelers started offering Tahitian pearls and by the decade end, strand of these Tahitian pearls got sold for about $500,000. Then by 1985, its fine strands were sold for million dollars.

Seeing this new market, many more pearl farms started their operations. But few of these farms started producing low-quality pearls having very thin nacre. In few cases, nacre grew just for only 3 months before harvesting.

Tahitian pearls characteristics  

You can find Tahitian pearls with wide range colors and overtones. Any intense, dark colors will make such pearls more valuable.

Usually body colors are gray or green, also dark enough to consider them as black. Few have different colors, like copper, brown or dark blue.

What will set Tahitian pearls apart?

With dark body of colors and with a mesmerizing orient can make Tahitian pearls really a unique option for jewelry.

While majority of other black pearls must have undergone either dye or any irradiation treatments, but these pearls can achieve their remarkable beauty without any enhancements.

Due to their large size, such luxury items may also make really great statement pieces.