Courier Insurance Perth: Difference Between Courier Insurance And Goods In Transit Insurance

Courier Insurance Perth: Difference Between Courier Insurance And Goods In Transit Insurance

The courier services sector is rapidly expanding, allowing them to offer service around the clock for the rapidly expanding online purchasing market. Because more products are being delivered and there is a demand for faster turnaround times, larger corporations and self-employed couriers alike must ensure that they have enough courier insurance Perth to protect against the danger of loss, damage, or delay to people’s valuable cargo.

Obtaining The Appropriate Level Of Protection

Even though most courier drivers are aware that their employer needs them to carry van insurance, there is occasionally some confusion about what additional coverage would be beneficial to prevent them from being held liable for expenses that are not required.

As a bare minimum, courier insurance Perth is required by law in order to protect the third party from loss and destruction. If you also want to safeguard the safety of your cargo, consider acquiring insurance coverage for items while they are in transit from an insurance broker Perth.

If you want to be sure that you have the appropriate policy in place, whether you are a self-employed delivery person or the manager of a large fleet of vehicles, read our breakdown of the various types of insurance and how they may benefit your business. 

What Exactly Is Courier Insurance?

Courier insurance can protect you from the hazards associated with picking up products and performing several deliveries for hiring and reward.

Typically, “courier insurance” refers to coverage for your car while you are delivering packages. However, you must safeguard not just your automobile while on the road but also your obligations and the products you carry.

Due to the nature of their work, couriers spend a lot of time on the road, sometimes in crowded, foreign areas where they are more likely to get hurt or lose anything. Whether you’re a solo courier or oversee a fleet of vehicles, courier insurance Perth is a legal necessity for protecting your financial security in the event of an accident.

What Is Covered By Courier Insurance?

The following are the basic types of courier insurance:

  • Goods in transit insurance cover the things you, as a courier, pick up and deliver.
  • Liability insurance covers both employers’ liability (injury to employees or their property while they work for you) and public responsibility (damage to people or their property while working).
  • Courier van insurance provides third-party, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. 

What Should You Consider When Getting Courier Insurance?

When determining the cost and conditions for your insurance, insurers consider numerous characteristics of your company. That is why, before we hunt for insurance for you, we work together with you to completely understand your company. These elements might include:

  • The products you transport
  • Clients for whom you work
  • Previous claim experience
  • The number and qualifications of your drivers
  • Your courier industry experience
  • The number and variety of automobiles you own
  • Whether you work for yourself or for a bigger company,

Occasionally, something as basic as putting your own livery on your car might result in a premium reduction. We work so closely with clients to fully comprehend their businesses because of little touches like these.

What Is Goods In Transit Insurance?

Goods in transit insurance may help protect companies against the risk of damage or loss to a third party’s cargo while their goods or equipment are being transported. Typically, coverage begins when the insured goods are transferred to begin travel and ends when unloading is completed.

A goods in transit policy might also help you develop your business relationships with customers. It might provide them with an added sense of confidence to know that preventative precautions have been taken to secure their assets or equipment while in your care.

We work with businesses of all sizes and specialisations to provide insurance and risk management advice that is customised to their specific risk needs.

What Does Goods in Transit Insurance Cover?

If commodities, materials, or cargo are stolen, lost, or destroyed while in transit, the cost may be recoverable by submitting a claim under the Goods in Transit policy. Transport, courier, and haulage services are also susceptible to delays, often as a result of things being incorrectly labelled, delivered to the incorrect location, or signed for by the wrong person. 

If a delivery cannot be fulfilled at the stipulated time, GIT insurance may allow them to claim for the expenses paid by the company – for instance, if the receiver attempts to recover the costs incurred. As long as the car is secured and parked in a safe location, Goods in Transit insurance may also cover things left in the vehicle overnight. Always review the policy for specifics.

Why Should You Get Goods In Transit Insurance?

The items that you are transporting are not covered by the comprehensive insurance that protects both your vehicle and you as a courier. Goods in transit insurance, one of the insurance policies offered by insurance broker Perth, protects the goods that are being moved from one place to another, whether they belong to the policyholder or are being moved for someone else in exchange for payment.

Although you are not required by law to have goods in transit insurance, it is essential to safeguard your cargo from being damaged or destroyed, lost or stolen, or delayed in transit. Whether you are moving particular products or a range of cargo, your goods-in-transit insurance coverage should be designed to protect the specific objects you are carrying. 


Put your mind at ease by entrusting your courier Insurance Perth and other products to a seasoned insurance broker Perth. Taking the time to assess your needs, pinpoint potential trouble spots, and design a custom insurance plan is part of our service. Talk to the best insurance broker Perth if you want dependable, consistent service.

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