Considering Filing Bankruptcy? Here is How a Lawyer Can Ease it!

Considering Filing Bankruptcy? Here is How a Lawyer Can Ease it!

Filing for bankruptcy is a complex legal process that helps eliminate debts. It provides debt relief but also has several consequences. The bankruptcy process in itself is a complicated one. Hiring a lawyer can significantly ease the process. If you are situated in Ulster County, NY bankruptcy attorney can help you with your case and ensure that there are no legal fallacies.

Bankruptcy attorneys are legal experts that provide essential advice to their clients regarding their bankruptcy cases and guide them through the process. They facilitate the procedure of filing bankruptcy in the following ways:

  • Give legal advice.

The essential service provided by a bankruptcy attorney is legal guidance for the case. They assist you in deciding whether you need to file bankruptcy, what type of bankruptcy you can file, queries regarding the working of the bankruptcy process, eliminating debts, the number of legal forms that will be filled out, and questions regarding your ownership over property and other assets after bankruptcy, etc.

Additionally, a lawyer will assist you in deciding if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will help you achieve your desired results. They also provide an idea of what to expect from a bankruptcy case and all its risks.

  • Prepare your paperwork and fill out documents on your behalf.

Filing for bankruptcy involves several forms that must be filled out with accurate information. Bankruptcy lawyers have special software that enables them to ease the process of preparing the paperwork and do it according to the guidelines set by the court.

A lawyer will collect required financial information like your income, expenses, assets, and debts. They will further use them to fill in official forms and prepare the necessary paperwork for your case.

Moreover, the lawyer might ask for additional information and documents for court procedures. They are responsible for ensuring that all the critical work is done within the deadline and there is no submission delay, helping reduce the risk of case dismissal and other negative consequences.

  • They Represent You at Hearings 

They can also represent your case at hearings if required. The lawyer also informs you about hearings that you will be required to attend on your own.

  • Negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

In a case of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your attorney can negotiate a reaffirmation agreement with the creditor to let you keep your house or car. In cases of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your attorney is allowed to negotiate with your creditors about payment and the value of the collateral that secures debt payment. They also negotiate interest rates and provide you with the most affordable repayment plan.

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