Common Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Arrested

Common Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Arrested

Getting arrested can be a traumatizing experience. The accused may worry about the chances of jail time or a permanent mention of criminal activities in their record. It is essential to stay calm and collected and avoid letting your brain get to you. It is normal to experience anxiety and stress, but doing things without thinking it through can significantly impact your case. It can negatively affect the outcome, so avoid these mistakes after getting arrested. 

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  • Resisting arrest

Even if you do not agree to committing the crime you are being arrested for, do not try to resist the arrest. Avoid fighting back with the police or fleeing the area. This will worsen your case. Make sure to follow the police officer’s orders and give in to their commands.

  • Making unwanted conversation with the police.

It is essential to remain calm and talk to the police politely instead of being abrasive about the arrest. However, this does not mean that you are required to make conversations regarding your case. You should remain utterly silent about it to protect your interests. The police may seem like they are looking out for you, but they have ulterior motives behind the act. They are looking for any information or evidence that can be used against you. Make sure to politely decline to the police that you will not be talking to them without a criminal defense lawyer.

  • Hiring an incompetent attorney

If you are charged with a crime, you cannot just pick a random attorney for your case. You must select a criminal defense lawyer with sufficient experience in handling cases with similar charges as yours. You must choose an efficient lawyer who has previously represented similar people and had a positive outcome in their cases. Make sure to properly research their background and client reviews before making any decision.

  • Posting about your charges on social sites

This is the worst mistake you can make while facing a criminal charge. Not only is this completely irrational, but it has severe consequences. Your case will be affected depending on the level of information you share on the social site. Anything you share on your profile is accessible by everyone and can be used against you in the hearings.

  • Being unprepared for the hearing¬†

It is crucial to be well prepared while presenting yourself in court. Make sure to be on time and create a good impression in front of the jury. This first impression can make or break your case, so remember to be on your best behavior while attending the court hearing.

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