Common Construction Disputes You Should Be Aware Of

Common Construction Disputes You Should Be Aware Of

Construction contracts are essential in almost every case. However, even the most straightforward construction contracts can give rise to several disputes. Construction disputes can affect the entire project and its timeline. Most construction owners need to learn how to deal with construction disputes. 

In such cases, it will be best to contact an Olympia, WA construction lawyer and ask them for legal assistance in resolving disputes. While getting a lawyer might help significantly, it is also necessary for you to know some of the typical construction disputes. Knowing them allows you to take precautions and avoid conflicts altogether. 

  • Employee accountability

Working relations with any employee can deteriorate quickly if the obligations and responsibilities of an employee are not outlined effectively. Similarly, when an employer fails to outline the duty and responsibility of an employee, the chances of a construction dispute will significantly increase. 

The employer should ensure strong employee accountability as it is the bedrock for a successful construction project. The employees may only feel obligated or empowered to complete their tasks if their responsibilities are clarified. 

  • Payment claims 

The most common dispute is often related to payment claims in a construction project. A payment dispute can increase if the project involves multiple parties. You will be surprised that payment disputes can likely be dragged into court. You can avoid going to court by contacting a construction lawyer in Olympia. 

The employer can avoid payment disputes by providing explicit definitions and protections in the construction contract. The employer can also outline timelines and payment milestones to prevent conflicts. The most effective way to resolve any dispute is by respectfully communicating with the employee or the work. 

  • Quality 

Disputes over quality are another type of common dispute in the construction line. When undergoing contract negotiations, it is necessary to define the construction’s execution quality. Some clauses can allow changes to the contract, while others may hinder the construction timeline’s flexibility. 

To deal with disputes related to quality, the project managers must choose subcontractors and consultants carefully, as it will allow disputes to be resolved at the minimum level. Such instances can ensure that no dispute rises to its maximum extent. 

  • Risk management

A lack of proper risk management creates room for disputes in a construction contract. Risk management is a complex task that finds and assesses plans to avoid potential hazards. Risk management should be extended if the project is more complex and involves multiple entities and resources. 

Effective risk management should be ensured by considering site conditions, time of year, safety guidelines, etc. These elements should be continuously evaluated to decrease the probability of an unexpected or unwanted outcome. 

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