Clearing English Test For UK Spousal Visa

Clearing English Test For UK Spousal Visa

If you are someone applying for a UK spousal visa or Further Leave to Remain you will have to take the a1 english test to prove you can speak basic English. Since June 2010, UK marriage visa applicants are required to undertake an English test. It is to ensure that they can speak and understand basics English. Here are a few tips and guidelines you can follow to score better marks at these tests.

Tips and tricks to ace the test

The test has to be completed within a time frame and that means every minute has to be utilised. There are sections of the paper where you will have to go through an essay and answer the questions at the end. It is best you quickly skim through the essay and the questions at the start. Once you have skimmed through the questions, you can begin answering them as quickly as you can. When writing the answers you must consider the context of the question and cross reference it with the writing style of the essay. You can do this by reading one or two sentences in the essay after you think the required answer has finished. This will allow you to cover the whole portion that is being questioned.

Even when you are hurrying through the questions, you should get a grasp of what the writer is trying to say. This will help you locate the answer much faster. This is important when you get confused and cannot determine which one is the right answer. In these kinds of situations you must begin by eliminating choices that are clearly wrong. Then you will have to look for degrees of correctness as several answers may appear to be correct.

This test is mandatory for those who are requesting for a spouse visa to the UK. So if you are married to someone who is a resident of the UK, you will have to clear this test to get to live with them. Apart from clearing the test there are also few requirements that you will have to meet before you can qualify for the visa. This includes the fact that your sponsoring partner earns the stipulated amount or has the savings to be able to sponsor you. Remember the amount gets higher if you have any dependent children. You two must also be of legal age and have met each other before getting legally married. This is to stop arranged marriages from taking place.

You must also satisfy the language requirements by taking the test. You can take the mock a1 english test online to see if you are going to pass. There are many different websites that provide this service. You can easily hire them to improve your score and hence increase your chances of getting the visa and spending more time with your spouse. You will get course materials and training that will prove beneficial for the test. The training is very beneficial if you are nervous about the test.