Choosing the perfect bouquet-A shopper’s guide to fresh flowers

Choosing the perfect bouquet-A shopper's guide to fresh flowers

Flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary bouquet, a birthday surprise, or want to brighten up someone’s day just because a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers is always appreciated. But with so many options available at florists and online, how do you choose the perfect bouquet? 

Setting Your Budget 

The first step in creating the ideal bouquet is setting your budget order fresh flowers in mississauga. Fresh flower prices vary widely based on the types of blooms, size of arrangement, and seasonal availability. Simpler bouquets made with classic flowers like roses, lilies, and daisies can range from $25 to $50 for a small vase up to $100 for a lavish display. More exotic varieties like orchids and tropicals will raise the price, while in-season blooms are often more affordable. 

For a birthday, anniversary, or holiday bouquet, plan to spend at least $50 to $75 to make an impression with a fuller, more dramatic look. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and peak wedding season will drive prices higher when demand is high for popular flowers. If your budget is tight, look for coupons and seasonal sales to maximize value. Online flower retailers also tend to have better deals than brick-and-mortar florists. Just be sure to factor in shipping costs if ordering online.

Pick the Right Flowers

With thousands of flower varieties to choose from, the options can seem endless. But deciding on a flower type or two will help narrow down your bouquet design. Consider the recipient’s favorite colors, flower preferences, seasonality, and the meaning behind different blooms. Here are some of the most popular fresh flower choices for bouquets:


No other flower says romance and love like the rose, ideal for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and serious relationships. Red is the classic but roses come in many colors, with each shade carrying its own meaning. Different rose varieties also have distinctive shapes and sizes, from classic long stem and tea roses to spray and garden roses. Miniature roses offer an affordable alternative for bigger bouquets.  


Grand, elegant blooms that convey beauty and purity, lilies have trumpet-like shapes that come in a diverse range of colors. Some of the most popular types include Oriental, Asiatic, and calla lilies. They also come in a wide selection of sizes. Lilies provide full, striking displays in arrangements, but their pollen can be highly allergenic for some.


A springtime favorite associated with rebirth and renewal, tulips are also ideal for bouquets year-round due to their signature cups in vibrant colors. Standard tulips have a classic elongated shape while French tulips have ruffled, layered petals. Lower stem costs make tulips a budget-friendly pick. Combine different tulip varieties to create texture and interest.


Daisies evoke warmth, innocence, and classic beauty. Standard daisies have a simple floral disk with white petals and a yellow center. Then there are unique varieties like Gerbera daisies, with layered, crepe-like petals. Daisies come in both mini and giant sizes, providing versatility and visual appeal. A meadow-like bouquet just needs lots of cheerful daisies.


For breathe of sunshine and cheer, you can’t go wrong with sunflowers. Their distinctive large, dark center and sunny yellow petals embody warmth, adoration, and strength. Use a few stems for a bright pop or create a bold display with dozens of blossoms. Other color varieties like red, orange, and brown are also available.