4 Things You Didn't Know About Using Your Cell Phone While Driving

Introduction Are you aware of the laws regarding cell phone use while driving in New York? It’s important to be informed about the rules of the road and the potential consequences of violating them. As a Sherman Oaks car accident lawyer, I’ve seen firsthand the devastation that can be caused by distracted driving. In this blog post, I’ll discuss 5 things you may not have known about using your cell

A DUI Lawyer's Guide to Surviving a DUI Charge

Introduction If you have been charged with a DUI, it can be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, having the right DUI lawyer by your side can make all the difference. This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide for navigating a DUI charge with the help of a knowledgeable DUI lawyer. From understanding your rights to choosing the best legal representation, this guide will help you understand what to expect when

Creating a Parenting Schedule in An Effective Way!

To support your children after a divorce, it is necessary to resolve all the custody-related problems and schedule an effective parenting schedule. Many parents tend to go above and beyond to get Legal and physical custody of their children. However, it is necessary to remember that the custody and parenting schedule most benefit the child instead of satisfying their ego. Mostly the jury prefers the children to have both parents

Is it necessary to hire an injury lawyer in New Hampshire?

Whether you were injured in a traffic mishap or a slip & fall accident, you should know your rights and must take steps to recover compensation from the at-fault party. Unfortunately, such accidents involving personal injuries and property damage are not rare in New Hampshire. Victims often find themselves handling many things at once, especially when they should focus on getting better. As someone who has a potential personal injury

Who is to Blame When an Autonomous Vehicle Causes an Accident?

Firstly, you should know that no such thing as an autonomous vehicle exists. Unfortunately, completely autonomous vehicles are still years away from being a reality. Moreover, you are accountable for your car at all times, even when you are not operating it. Driving is fraught with peril and the stakes are enormous. A minimum of two fatal incidents have been caused by drivers who were depending only on driver-assist technology.

Accidents involving pedestrians: Who's to blame?

It would seem obvious who is at fault in a pedestrian accident. In the minds of the general public, the driver is always at fault whenever a pedestrian is injured. Even if this is true in the vast majority of pedestrian accidents, it is not always the case. Make sure you weren’t to blame for the pedestrian accident before you Call Khan and hire an attorney. Examining the Issue More

Top Challenges When Driving A Truck

Thousands of truck drivers across the country drive trucks every day. While it may seem like driving a truck is an easy job, it can be challenging to drive and control it at all times. Several products we use each day might not be available without the miles and hours put in by truck drivers. Likely, there are certain challenges in driving a truck.  The life of a truck driver

The Importance of Hiring a Trucking Accident Lawyer

Introduction It’s always a challenging task to decide if you should hire an attorney to represent you with your trucking accident case. You may be thinking that you don’t need one, or that the insurance company will take care of you and your truck accident lawyer won’t be necessary. But it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced Los Angeles trucking accident attorney in order to make sure that

Common Construction Disputes You Should Be Aware Of

Construction contracts are essential in almost every case. However, even the most straightforward construction contracts can give rise to several disputes. Construction disputes can affect the entire project and its timeline. Most construction owners need to learn how to deal with construction disputes.  In such cases, it will be best to contact an Olympia, WA construction lawyer and ask them for legal assistance in resolving disputes. While getting a lawyer

What are the Main Factors to Consider When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning attorneys are an integral part of the process when you’re looking to plan for your future. These attorneys will help you set up a plan for your assets and guide you through any necessary life changes that will affect your estate. They’ll also be able to help you with an overview of the basics and outline the steps that need to be taken in order to have everything