All Info Right here Now About Wooden Flooring

All Info Right here Now About Wooden Flooring

Installing the wooden floors can bring timeless beauty to your home. If you are consideringwood flooring in your home , there are several factors you shouldtake into account before installing them. 

Wooden floors happens to be one of the finest and the most popular selection when it comes to home interior floors. Not only that, wooden doors can be regarded as an eco-friendly choice as compared to plastic doors. Added to that, the wooden decks are perfect for providing the outdoor spaces, a common example is the balcony. 

There is a wide array of choices for wooden floors, and you can choose them based on the type of wood, designs colours and textures. When choosing which wooden door to install, you should choose them based on elegance and design. 

There are different types of wooden flooring options that that should be considered with respect to the costs, structures and finishing. With the help of professionals, you can choose the best types according to your needs and design preferences.

Cost of wood flooring in Singapore?

It is hard to make an estimate without knowing the specification of the wood and the project, but overall, it is within S$28 to $55 per square foot. For more information about wooden floors in Singapore, you can visit to know more.

Types of WoodFlooring

The difference in the types of wood flooring comes with the kind of wooden material that is being used to manufacture it. Due to the wide array of choices, you can select what kind of floors will suit your home the best, from colour to material like vinyl, hardwood or laminate flooring. 

Five popular types of wooden flooring:

Solid Hardwood Flooring

As explained by its name, solid wood flooring comes from solid timber or wood. This is the classic form of flooring which provides a high level of elegance and appeal. The planks of this type of wooden floors have the thickness of 18 to 20 mm.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a kind of flooring made from layered wood. This type of wood is extremely strong, and they show the resilience in the process of flooring, making them very durable compared to other wood floorings. 

Vinyl Flooring

This kind of flooring is very common and can come in many various types of design and colour. The versatility and durability of these types of wooden flooring can be best explained if you talk to a professional. During installation, be it the tiles or the sheets or the planks, they can be attached to the floor.

Laminate Flooring

This is the form of flooring that generally has multiple layers of synthetic wood. They stay fused with the lamination process, and along with that, a protective layer is also applied on top to prevent decay.

Parquet Flooring

This is the kind of wooden flooring where in different decorative and geometric patterns, the wooden planks stay laid out. These planks are smaller than the hardwood planks, and is also one of the more commonly installed wood flooring in Singapore.

Eco-wood Outdoor Decking

Wood is the common element when it comes to the outdoor decking. The common materials that are used in Singaporefor decking are the composite wooden decks, timber decks and the chengal decks. 

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