2023 – a year of attractive AI tools

2023 - a year of attractive AI tools

It looks like 2023 will be the year of neural networks in history. Just as we get used to one AI-based service, a new, even cooler one appears. One of the problems that is typical for all neural networks that generate images is that the developers impose fairly strict censorship on the algorithms, which does not allow them to create “adult” pictures. But recently, an app for nude celebrities became available – a neural network that is ready to draw whatever you want at your request. 

How to develop analytical systems with the help of AI?

Artificial intelligence, in a broad sense, is a branch of science aimed at developing analytical systems capable of learning and solving complex problems. In a narrow sense, these are technologies based on teaching a computer to human thinking.

Our brain works through the complex interaction of billions of neurons; artificial neural networks are created using this analogy. AI-based computer systems are capable of understanding and synthesizing speech, making decisions, and acting. But artificial intelligence does not just execute given algorithms but learns as information becomes available.

How to create the most realistic image of a naked girl?

Some AI illustration generators can only create a certain type of art, such as landscape or portrait, while others are adaptable enough to create a wide range of artwork. It is important to determine which AI illustration generator best suits your requirements. The nudify app gives you complete control over creating undressed images according to your preferences.

If you want to create the most realistic image of a naked girl, add the camera model, focal length of the lens, and type of lighting. Until you get used to how much detail you need to include in the description to get what you want, you will have to spend a lot of time correcting the first drawing.