Use these tricks to win 13 card rummy game with ease

How 13 Cards Rummy Games Became Prominent in India?

The 13 card Rummy or the Indian Rummy is the easiest of all the variety of Rummy games played online. Since this is a skill-based card game played online by millions of people around the world, new strategies keep on coming up every time. However, there are a few fixed strategies that always helps to win the game if applied correctly. Mastering these tricks needs a great deal of dedication, commitment, and diligence.

Using the tricks which helps to win 13 card rummy game with ease

  • Monitoring and inspection are the keys to win

While you play the 13 card rummy game online, it is essential for you to pay attention. Paying attention to your own cards as well as the other players’ discarded cards is important. Before you put a card forward, you must make sure that the card you discard does not lend a hand to another player. Your card might help another player to meld a sequence. If this is the scenario, then you must put forward a different card that does not assist them. However, while observing the other players’ cards, you should also be clever enough to keep a track of your own cards. This helps you to win the 13 card rummy with ease.

  • Mastering the concept of permutations, combinations, and probability

13 card rummy is not a game that can be won by destiny. It is a game of skills. It is like a game of cricket where anything can happen anytime. While making a move, you should observe the discarded cards well. This is because the discarded cards can give you an idea of the set of cards in the hands of the other players. After this, different mathematical calculations like probability, permutations, and combinations might give you an idea of the card which is needed by your co-players. This way, you can prevent them from melding a sequence by putting a wrong card forward.

  • The magic of the Joker card

A joker card is the charm of a games rummy. While it is important to meld sets and sequences in Rummy, it is also important to know that an impure sequence cannot be formed without a joker card. In 13 card Rummy, while the other players try to find the joker card to form an impure sequence, try to meld a pure sequence first. It would be a clever move to discard the other cards surrounding the joker card instead of paying attention to the joker card itself. This might puzzle the other players. However, this must only be done after understanding the strategies of the other players.


These tricks can be applied in 13 card rummy to win the game. However, besides applying these tricks, the only way to win Rummy is to practice. The more you practice playing it with your known ones or the ones playing online, the more you get a hold of the game. Tricks can only come off as help after you understand the basic concepts of the game.