Let your dog light up with a collar


No matter the weather, month or time, one thing that is always consistent is that the nights are getting darker and the days sometimes shorter. Even though the nights getting darker can impact us, it also has a consequence for our best friends, our dogs. Due to the streets being dark already at 4 pm during the winter, it affects our mood and the way we want to do activities after work or school, which as a result, means that sometimes we don’t prioritize or are in a mood to take our dogs for a walk. This is partly due to the odd and dark vibes that the winter night brings. However, there is a saying that if you add a bit of colour, it also adds a bit of joy to you and your surroundings. Mostly what it means is that whenever you see something bright, it influences and puts you back in a good mood. And what is even nicer than seeing your dog have a fashionable bright collar that illuminates not just your night but also your walks outside. 

Light Collars 

For a dog owner, there is nothing that comes on top than making sure that your pet is safe, loved and pampered. At the end of the day, some of us are only working to be able to buy the next toy for our dog. I think the term is “dog parents”. Therefore, if you are experiencing the dark winter gloomy vibes, then the solution for your nights to be smarter and your pet to be brighter is a dog collar light. Dog collars don’t have to stay the old boring black color. Nowadays, there are a lot of different options to choose from LED lights, colourful materials and of course different sizes to fit all types of dogs. 

Safe and Happy 

Not only do you help your dog be easy to spot when you are walking or let it run in the park during the night, but it is also helpful for other people to spot it and realize how adorable they are with the ultimate neon collar and bright pink leash. Believe it or not, if you see a pet running with a bright collar, not only does it brighten up the place itself, but it also brightens up your mood. Therefore, keep your dog happy, safe and bright during the dark times with a light collar to also help you overcome the winter blues. It can change the mindset from “Oh it’s already dark out” to “Perfect time to use the light collar” during the night.

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