Review: Frank Body Skincare

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You’re probably already familiar with Frank Bod’s coffee body scrubs, his cheeky pics and suggestive comments on Insta. You may have even considered the marketing genius behind the brand that makes us think of it as a ‘he’, the way I am now!

Well now Frank has added a new swag of products to his stable, launching four newbies to look after babes’ skin and face. There’s a creamy face scrub, cleanser, everyday face moisturiser and body balm – all coffee based and so matchy-sweet.

The first thing you need to know about Frank Body’s cleansers and scrubs though, is when you open them up they ain’t pretty. Frank admits it himself.

I’ve never used a brown face cleanser before but when you smell that espresso hit, it makes a bit more sense. Frank uses the ingredient for its antioxidant qualities, with caffeine known to stimulate blood flow, fight off eczema and acne, rejuvenate the skin and improve texture and firmness.

Each product has its own added ingredients, but importantly to me – they’re mostly natural, so no parabens, sulphates or anything else that can affect my highly sensitive skin.

Coconut and grapeseed oils moisturise, marshmallow root (who even knew that was a thing?) is a herb that also acts as an anti-inflammatory, charcoal detoxifies by drawing out nasties (also adding to the cleanser’s silvery-brown colour), and rosehip helps regenerate skin cells and repair damage.

The scrub I found to be quite coarse, so I use only a small amount, and the face moisturiser is a lighter consistency so I’ll use it in summer over winter. On the other hand the body balm is luxe and thick and perfect for my dry winter skin.

Price-wise, they’re between $19.95 to $24.95 individually, or just under $50 to try all three face products which is a great introduction to the range. And they’re just so damn cute standing side-by-side in the bathroom cabinet!

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