Greene St Juice Cleansing

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I recently did a 2-day juice cleanse with Greene St Juice Co and surprised myself with a) how easy it was, and b) how much I enjoyed it.

The cleanse consists of 8 juices a day, no food whatsoever, so two days was the perfect amount for my first attempt. It’s also designed to be drunk in a specific order, giving your body everything it needs to keep you moving for as long as you’re keen to do it.

Greene St juices are cold-pressed, a method which extracts the energy from the fruit, vegetables herbal extracts and essential oils used to make them directly, without using heat which affects the enzymes in them. And because it’s a liquid, the goodness (including vitamins and even oxygen) is absorbed straight into your bloodstream.

For me, I enjoyed the freedom of not having to think about my meals for the day, and what was next to eat. I thought I might struggle and find myself ravenous but in fact it was the opposite. Each juice really fills a little hole; some more filling than others, and you sip on as much water and herbal tea as you like through the day.

it’s also a good way to break the food cycle you’re on, and think about what you actually eat in a day, and why. Are you really hungry, or is it just the 3pm lull?

Greene St describes its juice cleanse as a quick strategy to strengthen the immune system, sharpen mental clarity, and allow the body to ‘catch up’. I didn’t weigh myself before and after but definitely felt ‘lighter’ after the two days (perhaps not literally, but lighter in myself and how I moved).

It’s not for everybody, but if this all sounds like something you’d like to try, I can definitely recommend a 1 or 2 day cleanse. At least pop in to the juice bar in Pran Central and try my favourite juice, the Proplenish smoothie. A mix of coconut water and flesh, wild berries, acai and proplenish marine collagen, it’s like delicious a facial in a bottle. Yum!



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